Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system


Production Hotline: 239.337.8107

To tell the story of the School District of Lee County through world-class video and audio production.

Lee Schools TV will give you the inside look, telling the exclusive story of your District through the eyes of the students, teachers, parents and personnel who are right in the middle of it. Utilizing cable broadcasting, YouTube, Twitter and LIVE specials, Lee Schools TV is available anywhere, from your cell phone to your home television.

The Production staff of Lee Schools TV provides video and audio support for the Communications Department in a manner consistent with the marketing and public relations strategies of the School District.

We are dedicated to extending the reach of communication through on-demand visual story-telling, social media and the District’s Cable access television channel.

Our facilities include a television studio with camera and audio equipment for recording and live production.
Our staff broadcasts School District Board meetings and events online and via Lee Schools TV, Cable access Channel 99, our community educational access cable TV channel provided by Comcast.

Hands-on student internship opportunities are available for high school students interested in the fields of Journalism, Communications and TV Production. Students gain real-world experience as they produce, direct, and provide coverage of many district-wide events for on-demand delivery and also for broadcast on cable television.

The Production Department is also responsible for video recorded messages of the Superintendent and visual information that originates from the Lee County Public Education Center.

Lee Schools TV offers schools an opportunity to showcase their own accomplishments and provide an inside look at the unique events and people that they are most proud of. Schools can upload any video online from their school.
Subscribe to Lee Schools TV on YouTube to receive the most up-to-date stories right on your phone or personal computer by clicking here:www.youtube.com/user/LeeSchoolsTV. Lee Schools TV is also available on Cable Channel 99 or by following Lee Schools TV on Twitter at @LeeSchoolsTV.

Our Shows Include

District Scholar Athlete
District Scholar Athlete sits down for a one on one look with a district senior, who excels both on the field and in the classroom. Every student that is honored must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher.

 District Wins
A bi-weekly reflection of the District’s success stories as told through pictures and audio.

In 2014, CURRENTLee was awarded Best Student Produced Newscast by the Suncoast National Academy of Television, Arts and Science for the third consecutive year. This was one of seven (7) Awards for Excellence (student Emmy’s) presented to the students who produce CURRENTLee as well as other programming for the Lee County School District Channel. CURRENTLee focuses on the unique people and places in Lee County, and highlights special programs found in our School District.

A-Team Challenge
The A-Team Challenge is a joint venture of The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, Inc., The School District of Lee County, and Waterman Broadcasting Company. Lee County high school student interns help tape the show under the direction of the Lee County School District Communications and Production Department.

Sounds of the Season
Sounds of the Season is a made-for-television student performance showcase, spotlighting fine arts programs from around the School District. Each school that participates performs music selections of their choice, with a holiday theme. Upon completion, the footage is edited into a television special that will air over LEARNTV, Comcast Channel 99 for the community during the holiday season.