Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system


Production Hotline: 239.337.8107

The Communications & Production staff provides video support, training, and educational programming to the Lee County Public Schools to enhance the educational experience and achievement of all students.

The Production staff provides support for teaching and learning in all Lee County Public Schools and in the community.

Programming and technical services are designed to enhance and support all classroom instructional programs and also provide for staff development throughout our school district.

Services include four channels of digital network instructional programs available to schools during the day and for after school programs.

We also provide educational programming 24/7 to schools and the community via LeeSchools TV - Comcast Cable channel 99 and our  LeeSchoolsTV Online streaming video server.

The "Teacher's Choice" library has over 7,000 instructional television titles available for scheduling that are cataloged in a teacher-friendly searchable database.

Our facilities include equipment and support for web streaming and recording of live events and teleconferences.


Dr. Marie Chrisphonte conducts a training presentation across the web for all ESOL contacts in our district.

Our staff broadcasts School District Board meetings and events online and via LeeSchoolsTV, Channel 99, our community educational access cable TV channel provided by Comcast.

Hands-on student internship opportunities are available for high school and college students interested in the fields of Journalism, Communications and TV Production. These students gain real-world experience as they produce, direct, and provide coverage of many district-wide events for a variety of school programs and also for broadcast on cable television.

Student produced cable television programs include CurrentLee, a 15 minute news-magazine show is taped on location  throughout the Lee County School District.  Programs air weekly on LeeSchoolsTV Comcast Cable Channel 99 and LeeSchoolsTV Online.